On the Lands of Mernvan

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Oh, a fine choice. One of the best, you know, for overall geography. Can take you to places you’ve never heard of…

From On the Lands of Mernvan by Ingrind Tolbor

Mernvan consists largely of the two great masses of land situated around the Straight of Ligsowd: Orilök to the Southeast and Armurn to the West. More marginal lands scatter the five seas, by name and size Auron to the South, the frost-mounted Migiland to the north, and the urnsir of Mernvan’s End off the Eastern coasts of Almenrök.

Armurn is a mountainous and rocky surlr veined by numerous rivers and streams. The primary shape of Armurn resembles that of an urn tail bat, hence its name. Running along roughly its midsection are the sister ranges of the Ardstall Mountains and the Ornr Mounts, which curl Northwards just before meeting their sisters and then hug the Northern coast. The Ardstall dip south into the Judkr peninsula before reaching the same junction.

These natural barriers have over the ages divided the land into dozens of nations, concentrated on the Northwestern coast. They have also protected the Kingdom of Hul on the Wing of the Murn and the cold realm of Almenrök on the Murn Tail.

Orilök boasts a far smoother and rolling landscape over Armurn, though the larger part of its Southeastern mass is consumed by the Vermillion Wastes, so named for the red sands that toss in the high winds there. Despite this, the strong empire of Sordesht wields authority over more than three fourths of the Wastes from its capital Ligsowd on the straight of the same.

Further North, the Wastes are populated by loosely bound nomadic tribes, either too stubborn to submit to Sordesht or simply too far into the dry interior to be incorporated into the empire. The land they inhabit is called the Vantrolm, and by name they are the Orgs, the Midge, the Altarc, and the Farvs. Ruthless and superstitious, they are considered barbarians and dire enemies by the Sordesht Council. As such, they are executed on site and most common folk of Sordesht swear that uttering the name of any of the tribes will bring raiding parties in the night.

Just south of the Vantrolm, where the neck of the Orilök Peninsula meets the body, the landscape rapidly changes to a thick forest, known simply as the Great Forest. This is a rarely explored region, but the Kingdom of Magl is known to inhabit it, and from time to time its secretive merchants can be found in most markets and trade routes. Further down the Peninsula, the forests thicken and grow tall, and not even the Magl dare penetrate the dark unknowns past the Marken River.

On the Lands of Mernvan

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