The Apothecary

hit the Red Pony for a pint
visit Fagnspar Library and read a book
go to the Info Pages

Blue Reed (or at least you assume that is his name)

Welcome, traveler! You’ve happened upon the finest apothecary in Imir, if I do say so myself, unless Herz down thar at The Red Pony already did, in which case I didn’t! Ho, what can we provide you with? A tincture of Solm Grass, for love, mayhaps? Mole salve for weary feet? Rosehip salts for the lady? Rud Musk for the man? Or perhaps some of this fine stuff I keep behind the counter here?

Oh sorry friend, didn’t know you weren’t such a seeker of fun! Don’t be goin’ to tell the authorities, eh? Can’t be caught with this stuff, fun being illegal and all!

The Apothecary

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