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The kingdom of Urn is a constitutional monarchy, nominally ruled by the Lord of Urn and generally governed by the Consulate. It is located in the west of Armurn. Most of its coast is on the Straights of Ligsowd and it borders Hamal, Jurthis, Hul, and Lurnog. Urn is a major manufacturing and mining nation, well known for its engineers and industrial products.


The kingdom of Hul is a large nation that consists of most of the south of Armurn, with coasts on the Lion’s Den and the Jukean Sea. It is governed directly by the Emperor who is advised by the Advisory Council.

Hul has a largely rural population and is a major producer of grains and lumber. The urban population is highly stratified and transgressing class boundaries is highly frowned upon, even dangerous.

, consisting of:

  • Minister of the Treasury
  • Minister of the Guard
  • Chief Concubine
  • 3 Generals
  • Royal Scribe (tends to the inventory of the Empire)
  • Council of Lords (23)
  • Master of Arms
  • Master of Grounds (tends to management of the Palace)
  • Court Historian
  • Court Astrologer


The Empire of Sordesh occupies a third of the continent of Oriloek, controlling the entire eastern portion. Sordesh is nominally ruled by the Emperor, but the Emperor has been dead for over a century, hence his official style: Emperor En Absentia. Since the Emperor passed, the Business Council has been the defacto executive organ of the ‘Empire’ while the Congress of Barons and Lords serves as the legislative and deliberative body.

Sordesh is best known for its public works and education system, and its armies. Sordesh is also the home of Turan Opera.

Business Council

The Business Council is the advisory committee of the Emperor, though in his absence it exercises direct executive control.

Seven members make up the Business Council:

Congress of Barons and Lords

With seven provinces and a dozen ethnic groups, controlling Sordesht is a complicated balancing act that requires an extensive administrative bureaucracy.


The northen spine of Armurn is home to Almenroek, a large, hilly, and rocky land. Most of the interior is often cold and damp, but the Murn Tail peninsula can be very warm. Almenroek borders Jurthis, Niveval, and Judka.

Almenroek is a alliance of 19 regional lords, called Dacats, who rule their respective Dales. The population is entirely rural, the nobles being farmers and homesteaders as much as their dalemen. Dacats maintain power by maintaining the loyalty of their dalemen, which is entirely voluntary. For this reason, the borders of Dales are often subject to change and political power requires good leadership and governance. Almenroek has a reputation for egalitarianism, at the cost of development: Almenroek is one of the few nations that does not keep a standing defense force of any kind.


Niveval is a country sandwiched between Almenroek and Hul in the foothills of the Onr Mounts and the valley of the headwaters of the Judean River. The entire territory is forested with the Black Woods, which come right up to the walls of the dense, urbanized cities where most of the population lives. Much of the economy relies on tourism and the export of cured meats, mostly of wild boar and deer. Niveval is ruled by a council of the mayors of the many cities and towns.





Mercon is a monarchy on the southern-most tip of Armurn. The climate is very warm and the terrain is largely composed of gently rolling hills and wide expansive plains. The ruler, styled the Sun King, is a hereditary position. He is advised by a close court of nobles and a few industrial magnates. In the event that the monarch is a woman, she is styled instead the Moon Queen.

Mercon is renowned for it royal guard, the Lanciers, an elite force of frame knights as formidable on the ground as they are in armor frames. Lancier armor frames are manufactured at the Artificer’s Guildhall, a royally chartered workshop where the best tradesmen craft each frame to the individual specifications of its intended knight.






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