Urn is a constitutional monarchy on the southern shores of the Gulf of Ligsowd, encompassing the southern Straight of Ligsowd. To the north lie Hamal and Jurthia and to the south lies Lurnog. The mountainous southeastern border is shared with Hul.

Urn is a noted manufacturing and mining center and controls some of the largest known amalgam deposits on the continent. Urnish armor frames are considered the toughest made and are a popular choice among mercenaries.


As a constitutional monarchy, Urn is nominally ruled by the Lord of Urn, but the defacto ruling body is the Consulate, an elevated advisory council the Lord.

The Consulate is divided into three Daises, or groups of seats.

House Dais

Seats on the House Dais are filled by the heads of the high noble families of Urn. Seats cannot be removed of created except by royal degree of the Lord. Which families are considered “high nobles” is a matter of popular political opinion and socioeconomic circumstances.

The Lord is obliged to heed the will of his subjects concerning matters of House Seats. It is not unheard of, however, for the Lord to excise his own will over the House Dais for personal or political purposes.

Ducal Dais

Seats of the Ducal Dais are appointed by the Lord from lesser noble families with approval by the Consulate. They serve as the heads of various ministries and can be removed from office by the Consulate, usually for gross misconduct or failure to execute the office appropriately. It is generally politically advantageous to seat Duke from all across Urn.

Dais of Earls (People’s Dais)

The Dais of Earls is a elected directly by the Urnish laity. One Earl from each county is installed every five years. They serve to speak for the interests of the people of Urn. There are 57 seats on the Dais of Earls.

Lord Regent

The Lord Regent is the everyday head of the Consulate, and he reports directly to the Lord of Urn. The Regent leads deliberations in the Consulate and works towards the Lord’s goals. The Regent is elected by the Consulate, not including the current Regent, at teh onset of the every legislative year. Since the Dais of Earls is reelected every five years, the Regent’s effective term is the same. There is no restriction on how many times an individual can be elected the Lord Regent.


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