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The style guide is the way we make sure things stay consistent throughout the wiki. Since this is all supposed to be ‘fun’, and I know that we are not as good at updating these things as we would like to be, there are only a few things to remember.

Info Pages versus Source Material

Anything that counts as source material is not labeled as such and is to be written as though it is indeed from the world of Mernvan. That means, generally, prose. Info Pages are more typical. They describe things as a D&D manual would: from an omniscient point of view. Thus, these may be written as is, in plain style, and certainly with some flair if you desire. Remember they serve the purpose of information, not both information and the narrative.

Adventure logs count as source material, and will be written as a journal entry, letter, etc. from the viewpoint of an appropriate NPC. Likewise, PC and NPC pages are source and are to ascribe to this. Solutions to this problem include using a character’s journal entry as a descriptive element, or for more nefarious PCs, a newspaper clipping, a conversation between authorities, or what-have-you.

How to tell if something is source vs. info:

  1. Does the page have an in-world justification for its existence? A book, a reference, a kingly decree, even a scene as the Main Page is done up as? If not, then info.
  1. Are you writing something no one would write about in-world, is secret, or only the adventurers know? If you are, it is easier to write an info page, but you could also invent a source that covers the topic appropriately. The secrets of the ruins of a forgotten castle could be described by a page containing the original notes of the chief architect.
  1. Are you having fun writing it? If you are, I would bet that you are writing Source Material, especially since we are all geeks here.

Don’t forget the navigation sidebar!

A wiki is great because everything links to everything else…when there are several million articles, of course. On a smaller scale, the links can be sparse and whole areas of the wiki can be cut off from the rest, making navigation harder.

So, I added a navigation sidebar to help people poke around and return to the ‘home base’ pages: The Library, The Apothecary, and The Red Pony, as well as the Info Pages. The code bits sections does indeed have code to copy for the sidebar.

It is very important that you consider the sidebar, and add a link to the page ‘up’ from the one you are editing if it is within a book or the like. A chapter from the herbal book should link back to the home page of the book where the contents is. This keeps you away from the nasty search feature.

Tag that s**t!

Use the tags. Just use them. They are there for our convenience and are more efficient than the search if done well, so pile them on. A place to start:

  • historical
  • info
  • source
  • technobabble
  • fun
  • funny

You get the idea.

The GM has oversight…if he sees you.

Yeah, my campaign world, so be nice to her. A lot of work has gone into this: three campaign world ideas, three languages, art, time spent thinking when homework was due. So be nice, and ask me after before you add something that is monumental. That said…

Bottom line: have fun writing things in the wiki!

Come on, you get to participate in the creation of a place, a real place if you take the phrase artistically. So have fun and do some stuff! There is never enough detail out there.

Style Guide

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